FLEXIBLE MAINS 3 core 1.5 sq.mm, Black Arctic PVC

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A range of flexible mains cables with stranded conductors, all with either PVC, Arctic PVC or TRS (heat resisting rubber) jackets. Arctic grade PVC remains flexible at temperatures down to –20° C; at normal temperatures cables are very limp and flexible, but note that Arctic PVC jacketed cables are not designed for use outdoors with 230V supplies (it is only rated for 110V; BS7909 makes this definition). Core colours are brown and blue, plus green/yellow in 3-core types. Most types conform to BS6500:1994 and meet relevant European specifications.

Stock code No.of cores Current rating Conductors Jacket material Jacket colour Jacket OD Weight (kg/100m)
33-340 3 15A 30/0.25mm Arctic PVC Black 8.5mm 12.0kg

All types on 100 metre reels. Cut lengths also supplied in any multiple of 1 metre.